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Short Track Super Series Modifieds Set To Debut At Port Royal Speedway In 2018; Speed Showcase Set For Friday, October 12

PORT ROYAL, PA – The rumble of Modifieds returns to Port Royal Speedway in 2018.

For the first time in more than 30 years, the rejuvenated fairgrounds facility known as the 'Speed Palace' will play host to a Modified race. The 2018 return will be sanctioned by the Short Track Super Series (STSS) as part of the tour's South Region.

The event is planned for Friday night, October 12 in conjunction with a 410 Sprint Car show.

It has been dubbed the 'Speed Showcase' with two headline divisions on the program.

Modifieds last competed on the fast Port Royal half-mile oval in 1987.

"We've been looking at adding a Modified race for the last couple seasons," Port Royal promoter Steve O'Neal said. "It's been a request from a lot of fans and even Modified racers to have an event at the track.

"We're looking forward to welcoming the Modifieds to Port Royal in what should be a great night of racing."

A rain date for the event has been set for Sunday, October 14.

The Port Royal stop will be the seventh of eight stops on the STSS South Region en route to the $10,000 series championship.

"I've heard and seen only good things about Port Royal the last couple years," STSS promoter Brett Deyo said. "Having this opportunity to spotlight our series at such a first-class venue alongside of the 410 Sprint Cars is something I am very thankful for."

Port Royal will make the second 'Central PA' appearance by the STSS in 2018. The series stops at BAPS Motor Speedway (formerly Susquehanna) in Newberrytown, Pa., on Sunday, July 29 with the $10,000-to-win York County Nationals.



By Mike Leone

Hartford, OH November 13, 2017 While the 2018 season is more than five months away with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series opener on April 20, Sharon Speedway management has been hard at work crafting an exciting new program to the premiere "410" Sprint Car and Big-Block Modified divisions. The 89th anniversary season will feature a new 12-race program titled the "Super Series", which will include six events each for the "410" Sprint Cars ($3,000 to-win) and for the Big-Block Modifieds ($2,000 to-win) under the Mod Tour, Inc. banner.

Ever since the "410" Sprints ran weekly in 2010, Sharon has traditionally held Sprint shows as part of Ohio Speedweek and the "Lou Blaney Memorial". In recent years, some non-sanctioned events were added, which proved successful. Last year, Danny Holtgraver and Sye Lynch won these events, while NASCAR's Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell won the Ohio Speedweek and "Lou Blaney Memorial" shows respectively.

In effort to expand the "410" Sprint Cars presence at Sharon in 2018, the "Super Series" will feature an additional six $3,000 to-win increased purse events on May 12, June 2, June 30, August 4, August 11, and August 18.

Meanwhile, the headlining Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Big-Block Modifieds will also have their share of special events in 2018. The ground-pounders will battle for increased purses six times as $2,000 will be on the line for their April 28 opener along with May 26, June 23, July 7 for the "Lou Blaney Memorial", July 21, and August 25. After a year's hiatus, the Mod Tour will return to Sharon and will sanction these events.

"We're really looking forward to bringing these events to Sharon in 2018," expressed General Manager Dave Willoughby. "The Sprint Cars have always been an important part of our program. The drivers and fans have really supported our events well in recent years so we're excited to give them some additional higher paying events. Big-Block Modified racers have been clamoring for more higher paying races in the area so this will give them the opportunity to race for more money as well. Along with these events, we're excited about Lucas Oil Late Models returning, three All Star Sprint events, the $10,000 to-win Penn-Ohio Stock event on June 16, and more for 2018."

The HTMA/Precise Racing Products RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, Gibson Insurance Agency Stock Cars, and Summit Racing Equipment Econo Mods will continue to make up the balance of the weekly program in 2018. These divisions are coming off a strong 2017 season that saw an average of 32 Stocks, 24 RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, and 21 Econo Mods per night.  


Bridgeport Postpones Wildcard Weekend to November 17 & 18

Bridgeport, NJ (November 8, 2017) - With record-breaking low temperatures (for this time of the year) on the horizon, Bridgeport Speedway has postponed this week's Wildcard Weekend to the following weekend (Nov 17 & 18).  A much more favorable forecast is predicted for next weekend thus allowing Bridgeport to utilize their 'rain date'.

'We hate to pull the plug when it's not going to rain but this cold weather is not good for the drivers or the fans,' expressed general manager Danny Serrano.  "We reached out to roughly 50 teams on short notice, and all but a few were in favor of moving the entire weekend back a week.  Friday night's temperatures had already made up some of the drivers' minds on not competing.  With better temps in store next weekend, they were in favor to race next week," Serrano added.

Starting times remain the same for November 17 & 18 for both Friday and Saturday.  All the extracurricular activities planned for the fans will still be in affect on Saturday, including the 'Party under the Pavilion' on Friday night.  Weekend campers will still be out in full affect along with a 'weekend combo pass' for the fans.  A stellar field of Big Blocks, Small Blocks, Crate/Sportsman, and Outlaw Stocks will be in action all weekend long fighting for the 811 Dig Safe Poker Series championship.


Williamson Capitalizes on Opportunity with Win at Textron Off Road World Finals

Sheppard increases point lead; Decker Still within striking distance for the Championship

CONCORD, NC - Nov. 3, 2017 - It was the feel good story of Mat Williamson who wasn't sure if he was going to race after losing an engine during Thursday Night's qualifying.

With the help of fellow competitors in the Super DIRTcar Series, the No. 6m was able to get back on track for the first night of Feature racing. Williamson made the most of his opportunity and knocked off Super Matt Sheppard to take night two at the Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals.

FEATURE (40-laps): 1. Mat Williamson; 2. Matt Sheppard; 3. Billy Decker; 4. Keith Flach; 5. Mike Mahaney; 6. Danny Johnson; 7. Tim Fuller; 8. Larry Wight; 9. Pat Ward; 10. Max McLaughlin; 11. Brett Hearn; 12. Peter Britten; 13. Ryan Godown; 14. Justin Haers; 15. Michael Maresca; 16. Jimmy Phelps; 17. Yan Bussiere; 18. Billy Whittaker; 19. Jimmy Horton; 20. Justin Wright; 21. Frank Cozze; 22. Brandon Walters; 23. Rich Scagliotta; 24. Tyler Siri; 25. Demetrios Drellos; 26. Brian Swatzlander; 27. Tim Kerr; 28. Gary Tomkins; 29. Jim Rasey.


Mike Mahaney Sweeps Qualifying and Heat Races  
CONCORD, NC - Nov. 2, 2017 - In front of a packed grandstands, the Super DIRTcar Series took to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Night One of Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals for their qualifying night. Mike Mahaney had a night to remember, sweeping both qualifying sessions and picking up two heat race victories.  

CONCORD, NC — Nov. 2, 2017 — In front of a packed grandstands, the Super DIRTcar Series took to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Night One of Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals for their qualifying night. Mike Mahaney had a night to remember, sweeping both qualifying sessions and picking up two heat race victories.

Qualifying Group 1 for Friday — 1. 88, Mike Mahaney, 15.609; 2. 83-Brian Swartzlander, 15.887

3. 27J-Danny Johnson, 15.996; 4. 35c-Frank Cozze, 16.004; 5. 42p-Pat Ward, 16.064; 6. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 16.148; 7. 37m-Jeremiah Shingledecker, 16.211; 8. 71-Pierre Hebert, 16.322; 9. 96-Jean-F Corriveau, 16.422; 10. 18Jr.-Louie Jackson Jr., 16.724

Qualifying Group 2 for Friday — 1. 6m-Mat Williamson, 15.9; 2. 66-Ryan Godown, 15.903; 3. 20-Brett Hearn, 15.934; 4. 5*-Tyler Siri, 15.986; 5. 25R-Erick Rudolph, 16.01; 6. 5H-Chris Hile, 16.093; 7. 43h-Jimmy Horton, 16.123; 8. 1d-Tyler Dippel, 16.186; 9. 66x-Carey Terrence, 16.242; 10. 21g-Kody Graham, 16.281

Qualifying Group 3 for Friday — 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 15.665; 2. 99-Larry Wright, 15.766; 3. 109-Billy Whittaker, 16.025; 4. 84-Gary Tomkins, 16.034; 5. 7m-Michael Maresca, 16.078; 6. 17-Marcus Dinkins, 16.222; 7. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 16.224; 8. 25-Chad Jeseo, 16.295; 9. 21J-Gary Edwards Jr, 16.464

Qualifying Group 4 for Friday — 1. 43-Keith Flach, 15.666; 2. 21Y-Yan Bussiere, 15.785; 3. 3-Justin Haers, 15.828; 4. 19-Tim Fuller, 15.891; 5. 7-Tim Kerr, 15.909; 6. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 15.996; 7. 22-Brandon Walters, 16.266l 8. 48T-Dave Rauscher, 16.34; 9. 26-Rick Richner,

Qualifying Group 5 for Friday — 1. 111-Demetrios Drellos, 15.874; 2. 91-Billy Decker, 15.876; 3. 19w-Justin Wright, 16.035; 4. 18B-Dave Blaney, 16.2; 5. 32-Jim Rasey, 16.247; 6. 21a-Peter Britten, 16.254; 7. 13-Rick Regalski Jr., 16.39; 8. 88A-Joe August Jr., 16.456; 9. 21J-Justin Rasey, 16.866

Heat 1 for Friday — 1. 88-Mike Mahaney, 2. 83-Brian Swartzlander, 3. 27J-Danny Johnson, 4. 42p-Pat Ward, 5. 37m-Jeremiah Shingledecker, 6. 35c-Frank Cozze, 7. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 8. 71-Pierre Hebert, 9. 96-Jean-F Corriveau, 10. 18Jr.-Louie Jackson Jr.

Heat 2 for Friday — 1. 6m-Mat Williamson, 2. 5*-Tyler Siri, 3. 66-Ryan Godown, 4. 43h-Jimmy Horton, 5. 25R-Erick Rudolph, 6. 1d-Tyler Dippel, 7. 20-Brett Hearn, 8. 66x-Carey Terrence, 9. 5H-Chris Hile, 10. 21g-Kody Graham

Heat 3 for Friday — 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 2. 99-Larry Wright, 3. 109-Billy Whittaker, 4. 84-Gary Tomkins, 5. 7m-Michael Maresca, 6. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 7. 21J-Gary Edwards Jr, 8. 25-Chad Jeseo, 9. 17-Marcus Dinkins

Heat 4 for Friday — 1. 43-Keith Flach, 2. 21Y-Yan Bussiere, 3. 3-Justin Haers, 4. 19-Tim Fuller, 5. 7-Tim Kerr, 6. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 7. 48T-Dave Rauscher, 8. 22-Brandon Walters, 9. 26-Rick Richner

Heat 5 for Friday — 1. 111-Demetrios Drellos, 2. 91-Billy Decker, 3. 19w-Justin Wright, 4. 21a-Peter Britten, 5. 32-Jim Rasey, 6. 88A-Joe August Jr., 7. 13-Rick Regalski Jr., 8. 18B-Dave Blaney, 9, 21J-Justin Rasey

Qualifying Group 1 for Saturday — 1. 111-Demetrios Drellos, 15.907; 2. 21Y-Yan Bussiere, 15.957; 3. 18B-Dave Blaney, 16.111; 4. 25-Chad Jeseo, 16.171; 5. 27J-Danny Johnson, 16.213; 6. 66x-Carey Terrence, 16.277; 7. 17-Marcus Dinkins, 16.387; 8. 96-Jean-F Corriveau, 16.627; 9. 26-Rick Richner; 10. 20-Brett Hearn

Qualifying Group 2 for Saturday — 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 15.845; 2. 5H-Chris Hile, 15.932; 3. 21a-Peter Britten, 16.117; 4. 5*-Tyler Siri, 16.137; 5. 7m-Michael Maresca, 16.165; 6. 35c-Frank Cozze, 16.23; 7. 22-Brandon Walters 16.377; 8. 18Jr.-Louie Jackson Jr. 16.553; 9. 21J-Justin Rasey 16.775; 10. 48T-Dave Rauscher 16.804

Qualifying Group 3 for Saturday — 1. 88-Mike Mahaney 15.678; 2. 91-Billy Decker 15.897; 3. 25R-Erick Rudolph 15.99; 4. 3-Justin Haers 16.015; 5. 6h-Max McLaughlin 16.162; 6. 1d-Tyler Dippel 16.174; 7. 109-Billy Whittaker 16.192; 8. 32-Jim Rasey 16.331; 9. 98h-Jimmy Phelps

Qualifying Group 4 for Saturday — 1. 43-Keith Flach 15.76; 2. 6m-Mat Williamson 15.82; 3. 84-Gary Tomkins 16.031; 4. 42p-Pat Ward 16.151; 5. 71-Pierre Hebert 16.274; 6. 19w-Justin Wright 16.287; 7. 8-Rich Scagliotta 16.316; 8. 21g-Kody Graham 16.418; 9. 88A-Joe August Jr. 16.518

Qualifying Group 5 for Saturday — 1. 19-Tim Fuller 15.849; 2. 7-Tim Kerr 15.961; 3. 66-Ryan Godown 15.971; 4. 43h-Jimmy Horton 15.997l 5. 37m-Jeremiah Shingledecker 16.064; 6. 99-Larry Wright 16.124; 7. 21J-Gary Edwards Jr 16.131; 8. 83-Brian Swartzlander 16.151; 9. 13-Rick Regalski Jr. 16.672

Heat 1 for Saturday – 1. 111 – Demetrios Drello. 2. 27J – Danny Johnson, 3. 18B – Dave Blaney, 4. 66x – Carey Terrance, 5. 25 – Chad Jeseo, 6. 20 – Brett Hearn, 7. 21Y – Yan Bussiere, 8. 96 JF Corriveau, 9. 17 – Marcus Dinkins, 10. 26- Rick Richner.

Heat 2 for Saturday – 1. 9s – Matt Sheppard, 2. 21a – Peter Britten, 3. 5* - Tyler Siri, 4. 5H – Chris Hile; 5. 7m – Michael Marersca, 6. 35c – Frank Cozze, 7. 18Jr. Louis Jackson Jr. 8. 48T – Dave Rauscher. 9. 22 – Brandon Walters, 10. 21J – Justin Rasey.

Heat 3 for Saturday – 1. 88 – Mike Mahaney, 2. 91 – Billy Decker, 3. 3- Justin Haers, 4. 25R – Erick Rudolph, 5. 1d – Tyler Dippel, 6. 32 – Jim Rasey, 7. 6h – Max McLaughlin, 8. 109 – Billy Whittaker, 9. 98H – Jimmy Phelps.

Heat 4 for Saturday – 1. 43 – Keith Flach, 2. 6m – Mat Williamson, 3. 42p – Pat Ward, 4. 84 – Gary Tomkins, 5. 19w – Justin Wright, 6. 8 – Rich Scagliotta, 7. 71 Pierre Hebert; 8. 21g – Kody Graham, 9. 88A – Joe August Jr.

Heat 5 for Saturday – 1. 19 – Tim Fuller, 2. 66 – Ryan Godown, 3. 99L – Larry Wight, 4. 83 – Swartzlander; 5. – 21J – Gary Edwards Jr. 6. 07 – Tim Kerr, 7. 13 Rick Regalski Jr. 8. 43h – Jimmy Horton, 9. 37m – Jeremiah Shingledecker.


Short Track Super Series Announces 'Night of Champions' Awards Banquet Saturday, December 16 in Bethlehem, Pa.

BETHLEHEM, PA – The 2017 Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By VP 'Night of Champions' is set for Saturday, December 16.

The Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center in Bethlehem, Pa., serves as the backdrop for the year-end STSS celebration, recognizing the accomplishments of drivers in the Halmar International North Region, Velocita-USA South Region and Sportsman series.

For the third time in his career, Sheffield, Mass., driver Andy Bachetti reigned supreme in the Halmar International North Region. He will receive $12,500 for his efforts.

The top-12 drivers will share in point fund money: runner-up Anthony Perrego, followed by Jeremy Smith, Billy Decker, Danny Creeden, Stewart Friesen, Tommy Meier, Matt DeLorenzo, J.R. Hurlburt, Nick Nye, Craig Hanson and Jerry Higbie.

In the Velocita South Region, Boyertown, Pa.'s Ryan Watt took the title – his second - and will receive $10,000. Watt led Ryan Godown, Duane Howard, David Van Horn Jr., Jimmy Horton, Billy Pauch Sr., Jordan Watson, Rick Laubach, Billy Pauch Jr., Jamie Mills, Craig Von Dohren and Stewart Friesen.

Corey Cormier of Otisville, N.Y., emerged from a close battle to annex the STSS Sportsman title.

Special awards will also be distributed during the evening.

Tickets for the 'Night of Champions' are $45 and include the following: a dinner buffet with Classic Caesar salad or Mixed Greens; Flank Steak or Oven Roasted Chicken; starch and vegetable (Chef's selection); dessert; coffee/tea/water.

There will be a cash bar available. Cocktail hour begins at 6 p.m.

To reserve tickets, complete the following form:

Rooms are available at a reduced rate of $74 per night by calling 610.866.5800 and mentioning BD Motorsports Media LLC.

All teams must send a representative to receive point fund money and awards.


Accord Speedway Set To Host Fifth Annual 'Gobbler' Event Saturday, November 25

ACCORD, NY – The "regular season" has been completed, Short Track Super Series champions decided, now it's time for the dessert.

On Saturday, November 25 – for the fifth year – Accord Speedway will host the post-season 'Gobbler' special. This event will again be headlined by a 50-lap big-block/small-block Modified event paying $5,000 to the winner under Short Track Super Series rules.

Joining the Modifieds will be the Sportsman (Open vs. Crate) offering a minimum of $1,000 to win, the Ron Wright Memorial Street Stock event, for the first time Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars ($1,000 to win), and a nightcap Four Cylinder Enduro.

Complete race rules, times and information have been posted:  

A rain date of Saturday, December 2 will be in place.

For the 2017 'Gobbler' event, Adult admission is $24. Seniors (ages 65 and over) pay $22. Kids 11 and under are $5.

There is indoor seating available for $35 per ticket. To reserve an indoor seat, contact the speedway at 845.626.1142.

Pit admission is $40, with no license required.

Pit gates will open at 9 a.m. Grandstand gates will be unlocked at 10 a.m. Hot laps will begin at noon, with racing at 1 p.m.


Short Track Super Series
2017 South Region Standings (*FINAL after Georgetown, Oct. 28)
1. Ryan Watt    732
2. Ryan Godown    674
3. Duane Howard    670
4. David Van Horn 638
5. Jimmy Horton    637
6. Billy Pauch Sr. 571
7. Jordan Watson 559
8. Rick Laubach    482
9. Billy Pauch Jr. 477
10. Jamie Mills 474


219 Competitors Enter Mid-Atlantic Championship Weekend At Georgetown Speedway; Ryan Godown, Ricky Elliott and Duane Howard Lead Winners; Ryan Watt STSS South Champion

GEORGETOWN, DE – Two full days of racing brought more than 200 competitors to Georgetown Speedway for Mid-Atlantic Championship Weekend on Friday and Saturday.

Ryan Godown (Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Modified), Ricky Elliott (Super Late Model) and Duane Howard (Small-Block Modified) headlined the winners during the season finale event at the Sussex County facility.

Ryan Watt, meanwhile, secured the STSS Velocita South Region championship for the second time in his career. Watt will receive $10,000 for the crown.

A total of 219 unique entries were filed by competitors over the two-day event.

Ringoes, N.J.'s Godown dominated the eighth and final STSS South Region event of the season in the Steve Searock-backed No. 26. The 'Ringoes Rocket' earned $6,000 for his efforts: $5,000 from the posted purse and $1,000 from Chesapeake Paving and Holly Hill Farms as the Modified driver with the best combined finish from Friday and Saturday.

"I don't get to run this car very often with my other commitments, but I love it," Godown said. "I brought the big-block down but this car felt so good I decided to run it both days."

Godown started second in the 26-car field and overcame an early battle with Danny Johnson to take over a lead he wouldn't relinquish in a rough-and-tumble 40-lap main. Johnson and Godown traded the lead before Godown established himself as the leader following a series of restarts on lap five.

As Godown led, all eyes were on Watt and his quest for the series championship.

Watt spent much of the race battling with Danny Johnson for second spot. Watt secured the runner-up position and chased Godown to the finish.

Watt's effort secured the STSS crown for his Ron Roberts-owned team.

"I could hear on the radio how many cars were left on the lead lap and I knew we were in good shape," offered Watt, who needed to finish 12th or better to clinch the crown.

"This is a great series. To win the championship two out of three years with this competition is awesome."

Jamie Mills of Milford, Del., advanced late in the race to finish third, followed by Duane Howard of Oley, Pa., up from fourth in Norm Hansell's No. 357, and Anthony Perrego of Montgomery, N.Y., aboard the Superior Remodeling No. 44.


In a down-to-the-wire battle, Ricky Elliott of Seaford, Del., took home a $5,000 top prize in the 40-lap Super Late Model event Saturday. Elliott withstood a late charge from Austin Hubbard as the pair battled through slower traffic.

Elliott used the outside lane on an early restart to sweep past Mark Pettyjohn. For much of the race it appeared Elliott would cruise to victory unchallenged.

That changed dramatically in the final 10 laps.

First, Kyle Hardy closed to Elliott's bumper. Then, Hubbard – who had pitted for a tire change and rebounded from a spin – burst into second. With three laps remaining Hubbard drove to Elliott's inside in turn three. He pulled even with Elliott but was unable to complete the pass.

Hubbard chased Elliott to the line.

In Victory Lane, Elliott said he had reconsidered his previously announced plans of retirement and will be back behind the wheel of a Super Late Model in 2018.

Hubbard settled for second, followed by Virginia invader Hardy, Jamie Lathroum and early leader Pettyjohn.


Mike Wharton earned a $1,000 payday in the RUSH Crate Late Model event. The 20-lap event. Austin Hubbard and Mark Pettyjohn had swapped the lead until tangling in turn two late in the race. Wharton slipped by and took the checkered, surviving a pair of late restarts. Billy Thompson, Sparky White, Charles Shawver and Kelly Putz completed the front five.

Great Barrington, Mass., driver Kyle Smith made the long tow to Delaware worthwhile with a win in the 20-lap debut of the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series at Georgetown. Austin Bishop, Eddie Wagner, Tim Tanner and Scott Frack trailed.

Joseph Tracy dominated the 12-lap Little Lincoln event over Landy Adams, who started last.

Jerry Hill went from third-to-first in the 12-lap Delaware Super Truck main when the leaders tangled exiting turn four on the final lap.

Jerry Barker emerged from a competitive 12-lap Delmarva Charger event to pick up the win.


Duane Howard headlined Friday night's event with a dramatic win in the 30-lap Small-Block Modified championship. Howard, of Oley, Pa., garnered the $3,000 payday for Norm Hansell's No. 357 team, defeating First State driver Jamie Mills.

Howard started second and took the top spot at the outset. Mills, however, utilized the outside lane on a restart to put his Blue Hen Racing No. 30 into the top spot.

During a long stretch of green-flag racing during the event's mid-portions, Howard ran down and passed Mills, completing a three-wide sweeping move into turn three on the 23rd lap.

Mills and an emerging Ryan Godown chased Howard to the line with Godown ultimately muscling by for second. Mills, Mike Gular and Ryan Watt completed the front five.

Jordn Justice worked by David Jenkins at the halfway mark and drove on to victory in the 20-lap L&J Sheet Metal Crate 602 Sportsman event, worth $1,000. The win was Justice's second of the season at Georgetown. Stephen Kemery, Matt Stangle, David Jenkins and Tom Moore Jr. trailed.


Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Velocita South Region Event No. 8 Big-Block/Small-Block Modified Feature Finish (40 laps): RYAN GODOWN, Ryan Watt, Jamie Mills, Duane Howard, Anthony Perrego, David Van Horn Jr., Scott Hitchens, Frank Cozze, H.J. Bunting III, Jimmy Horton, Michael White, Scott Van Gorder, Robert Dutton, Jordan Watson, Danny Johnson, Ron Roberts, Billy Pauch, Brandon Grosso, Jim Britt, Mike Gular, Howard O'Neal, Kevin Sockriter, Bob Sarkisian, Billy Pauch Jr., Clay Tatman, Joseph Watson.

STSS South Region Champion: Ryan Watt

Did Not Qualify: Dale Hawkins, Rick Laubach, Matt DeLorenzo, Craig Von Dohren, Jared Umbenhauer, T.J. Williams, Brian Hitz, Glenn Reed.

Super Late Model Feature Finish (40 laps): RICKY ELLIOTT, Austin Hubbard, Kyle Hardy, Jamie Lathroum, Mark Pettyjohn, Ross Robinson, Amanda Whaley, Nick Davis, Herb Tunis, Rob Schirmer, Dan Green, Rusty Schlenk, Danny Snyder, Reese Masiello, Bob Geiger, David Pettyjohn, Sparky White, Donald Lingo Jr., Zac Weller, Eddie Drury, Jeremy Miller.

Did Not Start: Chuck Schutz, Dylan Evans, Jason Miller.

MASS Sprint Series Feature Finish (20 laps): KYLE SMITH, Austin Bishop, Eddie Wagner, Tim Tanner, Scott Frack, Jeff Geiges, Rick Stief, Stef Carberry, Keith Anderson, John Webster, Ryan Stillwaggon, Erika Wagner, Tommy Carberry, Jon Haegele, Bryant Davis.


Small-Block Modified Feature Finish (30 laps): DUANE HOWARD, Ryan Godown, Jamie Mills, Mike Gular, Ryan Watt, Jared Umbenhauer, Anthony Perrego, Craig Von Dohren, David Van Horn Jr., Billy Pauch Jr., Frank Cozze, Matt DeLorenzo, Kevin Sockriter, Brandon Grosso, Ron Roberts, Scott Van Gorder, Ryan Mortimer, H.J. Bunting III, John Willman, Bob Sarkisian, Jordan Watson, Danny Johnson, Trent Willey, Matt Stangle.

Did Not Start: Billy Pauch Sr., Ray Swinehart.


Here are the order of events and pricing for the Friday practice and Saturday "Great Crate Race" at Five Mile Point Speedway this upcoming weekend

Full general race rules and other information can be found on our official website at

We have made subtle changes to the Saturday order of events to accommodate Factory Stock teams that do want to run in both divisions.  This new order should provide ample time for tire and wheel changes to be made.

Also - please note we have moved the "Trick or Treating" up earlier and it will now include any driver from any division that wants to bring their car on top of the homestretch wall.  This way all classes can be represented!

Saturday, October 28th – GREAT CRATE RACE - $3,000 TO WIN FOR CRATE SPORTSMAN

Friday, October 27th – Open Practice ($20 to enter pit area) – free in grandstand area.
5:00 p.m. Pit Gates Open
5:30 p.m. Open Practice (until 8:30 p.m.) teams can leave haulers in pit area over night.

Saturday, October 28th -
1:00 p.m. Pit Gates Open
2:00 p.m. Grandstand Gates Open
3:00 p.m. Practice in the following order: Sportsman, Street Stocks, FWD 4 Cylinders, Factory Stocks.
4:00 p.m. Crate Sportsman Heats – (8 laps)
Street Stock Heats (8 laps)
FWD Four Cylinder Heats (6 laps)
Factory Stock Heats (6 laps)
Consolations as needed (tba)
Factory Stock Feature (20 laps) - Victory Lane at conclusion of feature.
"Trick or Treating" with drivers from any division that want to bring their car on the homestretch wall.
Street Stock Feature (25 laps) – Victory Lane at conclusion of feature.
Great Crate Race Sportsman Feature (67 laps) – Victory Lane at conclusion of feature.
FWD 4 Cylinder Feature (40 laps) – Victory Lane at conclusion of feature.

Grandstand Admission:
Adults ($15), Seniors (65 and older): $13, Youth (ages 13 – 17): $5
Children 12 years old and younger admitted FREE!

Family Five Pack: $35 – Includes 2 adult, 3 senior/youth or child tickets plus 5 hot dogs and 5 soda's.

Pit Pricing: $35

• First FMP weekly Crate Sportsman not to qualify for the feature will be added as a paid last starting position spot from Doug's Speed Shop.
• Factory Stocks may run the Street Stock race as well but are required to pay a "Double Up Fee - $50" and enter to draw for position. This is just an option as teams have asked.

For more information please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to


1. Andy Bachetti 831
2. Anthony Perrego 710
3. Jeremy Smith 672
4. Billy Decker 656
5. Danny Creeden 619
6. Stewart Friesen 612
7. Tommy Meier 588
8. Matt DeLorenzo 564
9. J.R. Hurlburt 525
10. Nick Nye 500

(*after OCFS, October 19)



By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE – Beautiful autumn weather provided the backdrop for the $60,000 2017 Delaware Dirt Track Championships at the Delaware International Speedway. The two night event provided some great racing action. A total of 170 teams took part in the 2017 finale.

Craig VonDohren of Oley, Pa. made a statement in the trilling 50-lap Big Block Modified Fall Championship. VonDohren had won five previous Fall Championships coming into the event and was looking to be the first repeat winner in the sixth event of the 2017 Full Throttle Series.

Qualifying took place on Friday night with heat wins going to VonDohren, Matt Jester, Ryan Watt and Brandon Watkins. Two consolations on Saturday night were captured by Scott VanGorder and Dale Hawkins.

VonDohren drew the pole in the inversion draw and would lead all 50 laps but the race was far from a cake walk for the popular driver. JoJo Watson brought out the first yellow before a lap was in forcing him to restart in the rear. It would be the first of a flock of 13 yellows throughout the race but there were no serious incidents.

Ryan Watt and Jordan Watson dogged the VonDohren from the high groove for the first 19 circuits. By lap 20, JoJo Watson had moved from the rear of the field to third settling in behind Watt. Eighteen laps of caution free racing found Watt trying to use lapped traffic to grab the lead. The plan didn't work out for Watt as something broke in the rear of the car with ten to go sending him high on two wheel before slamming back down on all fours in turn three.

Disaster almost struck on the restart when JoJo and VonDohren made contact coming off turn four. H.J. Bunting made his presence know on the restart getting by Jordan Watson for third while Michael White and Richie Pratt, Jr. battle for a top five spot.

The final yellow would fly with four laps to go as Eric Vent came to a stop. VonDohren made a clean getaway on the restart with Watson still trying everything he could to get by on the top. VonDorhen held solid for the final four laps to post his sixth Fall Championship Big Block win and became the only two time winner this season in the six Full Throttle Series event. The win with bonuses was worth $7225. JoJo Watson had to settle for second after an amazing drive with Bunting taking third. Fourth went to Jordan Watson and Pratt, Jr. won the battle for fifth.

"I was a tough deal," said VonDohren in Victory Lane. "This place is unbelievable. It was fast on the bottom and fast on the top and different guys were coming. There was only one way for me to go and that was backwards and I sure as hell didn't want to do that."

The 50-lap Super Late Model Fall Championship turned into a survival of the fittest before drop of the green. It started when three time Fall Champion, Gary Stuhler who was starting in the second row, pull into the pits on the initial pace laps and was done for the night.

Donald Lingo, Jr. shot to the front on the green but became the second causality when he lost steering coming off the fourth turn and smacked the outside wall bring out the first of eight yellow in the first half.

Ross Robinson took over the point and was the class of the field running the high groove to perfection. Contact on the back straight got Dylan Evans around and into the wall on the next lap and Kerry King headed to the pits.

On the restart Bob Geiger came off the fourth turn too high and collected the wall as the yellow fever continued. Nick Davis was the next victim when a tire let go while he was flat foot blazing to the front at the extreme top of the track. Davis would get the tire changed and returned at the back of the pack.

Mark Pettyjohn was the next causality when his car got out from under him in the fourth turn while running in second. Dale Hollidge was now up to the second spot as Robinson continued to set a torrid pace at the point.

Ricky Elliott had been taking his time coming up through the field and dropped Hollidge to third on the fifth restart. The seventh yellow was displayed when Herb Tunis lost and engine just 15 laps in. On the restart Hollidge got back by Elliott while Robinson took advantage of a clear track ahead.

The final yellow would fly when Hollidge tried to get around the lapped car of Kellie Lewis on the back straight. Lewis was unaware that Hollidge was outside making contact and spinning while Hollidge was able to continue. Under the yellow, Davis headed to the pits and was done for the night.

The final 29 laps were all green but by halfway the only cars remaining from the 17 car starting field in order were Robinson, Elliott, Pettyjohn, Hollidge, Amanda Whaley and Rob Schirmer. Whaley got by Hollidge to take fourth and with ten to go Elliott turned up the heat on Robinson.

Robinson would never abandon the faster top groove but it was evident that he was beginning to struggle. With six to go Elliott was able to make the pass on the low side then immediately climbed to the top. Elliott was able to pull away to post his sixth Fall Championship win. Robinson revealed in victory lane that he had done his best but was fighting the handling after losing his power steering with 15 laps to go. Pettyjohn survived to finish in third with Whaley fourth and Hollidge rounding out the top five. Heats on Friday night were won by Robinson, Lingo, Jr. and Elliott

"The track smoothed out a little bit and we smoothed it up," said Elliott. "I needed the top to burn off. I was too tight to run the top. We kept plugging on the bottom and plugging on the botton and plugging on the bottom and either the top was going away at the end or we were coming to it at the end. It was a heck of a race.

Chad Cathell announced in victory lane that Elliott's win would be his last at the speedway as Elliott was retiring. With the gambler bonus, lap money and Carolyn Parsons's breast cancer awareness bonus the win was worth $7260.

In the 25-lap 602 Sportsman championship it was Mike Hough leading lap one before Scott Hitchens moved on top. Jon Callaway chased from the second spot. Brad Trice had gotten the call to drive the Tubbs Motorsports No. 10 earlier in the week and was up to third. On a restart just prior to halfway, Trice powered by both Callaway and Hitchens to take the lead.

Dwayne Crockett was on the move and climbed to the second spot with Greg Humlhanz, driving the Jordn Justice backup car moving to third. The second half of the race was all green until two laps to go when Nick Alberti got around in four.

Trice had a great restart and took his first time ride to the checkered. Crockett would finish a solid second with Humlhanz third. Fourth went to Hitchens and Adam White rounded out the top five. Heats on Friday night were won by White, Callaway and Trice.

50-Lap Big Block Modified Finish: 1. Craig VonDohren; 2. JoJo Watson; 3. H.J. Bunting; 4. Jordan Watson; 5. Richie Pratt, Jr.; 6. Michael White; 7. Jamie Mills; 8. Neal Williams; 9. Jared Umbenhauer; 10. Robert Dutton; 11. Dale Hawkins; 12. Eric Vent; 13. Jim Britt; 14. Ryan Watt; 15. Brandon Watkins; 16. Kyle Fuller; 17. Carson Wright; 18. Scott Hitchens; 19. Daniel Johnson, Jr.; 20. Scott VanGorder; 21. Matt Jester; 22. Westley Smith; 23. Wayne Weaver; 24. Kevin Scott, Jr.; DNQ: Brad Trice; Greg Humlhanz; Clay Tatman; Scott Hulmes; Howard O'Neal; Brian Hitz; Dave Schamp; T.J. Williams; Charlie Moore.

50-Lap Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Ross Robinson; 3. Mark Pettyjohn; 4. Amanda Whaley; 5. Dale Hollidge; 6. Rob Schirmer; 7. Nick Davis; 8. Kellie Lewis; 9. Herb Tunis; 10. Kevin Scott, Jr.; 11. Reese Masiello; 12. Kerry King; 13. Dylan Evans; 14. Bob Geiger; 15. Donald Lingo, Jr. ; 16. Eddie Drurry, III; DNS: Gary Stuhler.

25-Lap 602 Sportsman Finish: 1. Brad Trice; 2. Dwayne Crockett; 3. Greg Humlhanz; 4. Scott Hitchens; 5. Adam White; 6. Kevin Gardner; 7. Jordn Justice; 8. Jon Callaway; 9. Brian Nailor; 10. Mike Hough; 11. John Stevenson; 12. Matthew Peck; 13. Freddy Massey; 14. Pete Serra; 15. Chuck Sayres; 16. Jeff Marker; 17. Nick Alberti; 18. Duane Rust; 19. George Richardson; 20. Matt Smith; 21. David Jenkins; 22. Sean Metz; 23. Westley Smith; 24. Ryan Riddle.


Eastern States 200 Feature Finish: 1. Brett Hearn, 2. Stewart Friesen, 3. Mike Mahaney, 4. Jimmy Phelps, 5. Matt Sheppard, 6. Tim Fuller, 7. Ryan Godown, 8. Jerry Higbie, 9. Matt Janiak, 10. Clinton Mills, 11. Anthony Perrego, 12. Rick Laubach, 13. Ken Tremont Jr., 14. Steve Dodd, 15. Tommy Meier, 16. L.J. Lombardo, 17. Eddie Marshall, 18. Jeff Heotzler Sr., 19. Billy Decker, 20. Matt Hitchcock, 21. Danny Creeden, 22. Billy VanInwegen, 23. John Ferrier, 24. Scott Flammer, 25. Richard Smith, 26. Andy Bachetti, 27. Tyler Dippel, 28. Michael Sabia, 29. Richie Eurich, 30. Billy Pauch Jr., 31. Brian Krummel, 32. Chris Shultz, 33. Ric Hill, 34. Frank Cozze, 35. Danny Johnson, 36. Jimmy Spellmon, 37. Mike Ruggiero, 38. Billy Dunn, 39. Gary Edwards Jr., 40. Craig Mitchell, 41. Jimmy Horton, 42. Michael Maresca, 43. Mike Kolka. Did Not Start: J.R. Heffner.


Stewart Friesen Wins Wild Behrent's Performance Warehouse 'Hard Clay Finale' At Orange County Fair Speedway; Andy Bachetti $12,500 Halmar North Region Champion

MIDDLETOWN, NY – In a wild, unpredictable main event, Stewart Friesen emerged victorious Thursday night at Orange County Fair Speedway.

The Sprakers, N.Y., driver pitted for a pair of fresh tires after slowing from the lead on the 38th circuit of the 50-lap event and was able to weave back through traffic to win the Behrent's Performance Warehouse 'Hard Clay Finale' at the five-eighths-mile oval.

Friesen earned $5,000 for his efforts, posting his 10th career Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP big-block/small-block Modified victory.

"Wow, that was wild," Friesen said afterward. "We were able to pit at the right time to get back through. We brought the big-block tonight and it paid off. We weren't sure how it was going to be on tire wear, but in the end everybody's stuff was wore out.

"It's always exciting here, you never know!"

Thursday's event served as the ninth and final round of the STSS Halmar International North Region. Andy Bachetti of Sheffield, Mass., who finished second to Friesen, clinched the North Region title worth $12,500.

Via a redraw of top heat-race qualifiers, Bachetti led the 30-car field to the green flag. As Bachetti led, battles throughout the top-10 raged behind him. Mike Mahaney's Buzz Chew Motorsports No. 88 moved into second at lap four. Mahaney, and an emerging Friesen, battled nose-to-tail for the top spot at the halfway mark.

Mahaney was applying heavy pressure to the leader when disaster struck for the King Ferry, N.Y., driver on lap 29. While negotiating a lapped car, he spun in turn two.

The complexion of the race would change dramatically after the yellow for Mahaney as tire wear became an issue.

On the 36th lap, Bachetti's right-rear tire went down in turn four. Friesen assumed the lead, but not for long. On lap 38, his right-rear tire went down, among three flats on the same lap.

New Jersey's Brandon Grosso was next to assume the lead. He paced one lap and his right-rear went down on the 42nd circuit.

Jerry Higbie's United Pump & Tank No. 48 led the field with Mike Ricci in tow. Friesen and Bachetti – racing back forward with fresh tires – were racing hard to move forward on a 42nd lap restart. A three-wide scramble sent Ricci around and ignited a multi-car tangle in turn two. Anthony Perrego's car overturned in the melee. No one was injured.

Bachetti surged into the top spot on lap 43, moments before Higbie's tire went flat.

Friesen pulled alongside Bachetti for the double-file restart and surged ahead to take a lead he wouldn't relinquish on the 44th circuit.

"Bringing the big-block paid off for us on that last restart," Friesen explained. "I thought Bachetti kind of had it but we were able to get a good run there."

A final caution on lap 48 brought Bachetti to Friesen's back bumper. Bachetti chased Friesen across the line to clinch his third STSS Halmar North Region title in four years.

"I could have gotten more aggressive on that last restart, but I was 'big-picture' racing," Bachetti said. "I didn't know how much tire I had left. We came here tonight to win the championship first and we were able to do that.

"Thanks to the Short Track Super Series for an awesome series with the best money."

Bachetti's second-place finish was worth $4,000 plus $250 from Rock Fantasy as the race's halfway leader.

Rick Laubach of Hellertown, Pa., started 13th in Ryan Kerr's No. 1K and completed the podium in third. Laubach pitted for a tire on lap 39.

Track regular Craig Mitchell of Wappingers Falls, N.Y., recovered for a fourth-place finish after pitting on lap 38. Triangle, N.Y., driver Jeremy Smith placed fifth. Smith had been involved in a turn-four tangle with 11 laps remaining.

Smith received $500 cash from Grand Rental Middletown as the race's Hard Charger. Smith advanced from his original starting position of 28th on the grid.

Rounding out the top-10 were Tillson, N.Y.'s Ricci; Danny Creeden of Wurtsboro, N.Y., after running low on fuel on the final lap; Matt DeLorenzo of Cropseyville, N.Y., who also pitted for fuel; David Van Horn Jr. of Harmony, N.J., in Fred Vahlsing's No. 323ov (who also needed a fuel stop); and Belle Mead, N.J.'s Grosso.

Billy Decker, who crossed the line fifth, and Jerry Higbie in sixth, were both disqualified for weight infractions.

A massive field of 62 STSS Modified signed in for the inaugural event. Heat winners were Kirk Horton, Friesen, DeLorenzo, Perrego, Tyler Dippel and Bachetti. Three consolations set the remainder of the field. Consolation winners were Ric Hill, Matt Sheppard and Brian Krummel.

Short Track Super Series North Region Event No. 9 Big-Block/Small-Block Modified Feature Finish (50 laps): STEWART FRIESEN, Andy Bachetti, Rick Laubach, Craig Mitchell, Jeremy Smith, Mike Ricci, Danny Creeden, Matt DeLorenzo, David Van Horn Jr., Brandon Grosso, Allison Ricci, Shane Jablonka, J.R. Hurlburt, Jimmy Horton, Anthony Perrego, Mike Mahaney, Billy Van Inwegen, Ryan Godown, Tommy Meier, Ric Hill, Joey Bruning, Nick Nye, Matt Sheppard, Kirk Horton, Brian Krummel, Craig Hanson, Tyler Dippel, Frank Cozze.

Disqualified (Weight Infractions): Billy Decker & Jerry Higbie

Did Not Qualify: Joey Bonetti, Gary Edwards Jr., Rich Ricci Jr., Ricky Davis III, Jeff Heotzler, Rich Eurich, Rob Rowe, Brett Tonkin, Heath Metzger, Roger Henion, Billy Pauch Jr., Rusty Smith, Brad Horton, Sean Mandel, Chris Stevens, Joe Judge, Joe Falanga, Yanick Mathieu, Tyler Treacy, Kurt Hundeland, Kenny Ferrier, Cole Hentschel, Frank Venezia, Sam Martz, Rich Eggers, Tyler Boniface, Billy Eggers, Cory Lowitt, Tom Hindley, C.G. Morey, L.J. Lombardo, Terry Arnold.


The Stage is Set for an Epic Championship Battle
CONCORD, NC - Oct. 19, 2017 -
All dirt roads lead to Charlotte for the Textron Off Road World Finals, but the road to the championship is very muddy for the Super DIRTcar Series. Among the three series in action at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Super DIRTcar Series has the closest points battle. Two veteran competitors, Matt Sheppard and Billy Decker are separated by a mere 30 points, but only one will be standing on the top step at the conclusion of the World Finals weekend on Nov. 2-4.
While the championship battle in the Super DIRTcar Series will take center stage, and rightfully so, there is one more storyline to watch out for. Rewind to the 2016 World Finals: Matt Sheppard came into the weekend at Charlotte needing just one win to claim the most wins in a Super DIRTcar Series season. Sheppard broke the ceiling on the record by sweeping the two final events, setting the record for 12 wins in a single season.
Now fast-forward one year: Sheppard has the same opportunity, this time to break his own record. But getting to this point wasn't an easy task. Since July 25, the Waterloo, NY driver has picked up 10 Series victories out of a possible 15 races, including his second-ever NAPA Super DIRT Week win during the the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 at Oswego Speedway, where he walked away with a $50,000 payday.
As the Series enters the final weekend of the season, Sheppard has 11 wins on the 2017 season. If Sheppard can repeat last year's performance by sweeping the Textron Off Roads World Finals, the 35-year-old driver will raise the record wins in a season to 13 - one better than the previous record that he set last year. On top of that, if Sheppard can pull off this scenario, he will do so with two less starts after serving a two-race suspension in early July.
To give some perspective on the hole that Sheppard had to dig out of, following the Series race at Sharon Speedway on July 20, Sheppard was as low as ninth in the Championship Point Standings, and a whopping 185 points behind the leader. Tallying a 66 percent win total since July 25, Sheppard's hard work during hot summer months paid off with a victory at NAPA Super DIRT Week, regaining the points lead from three-time Super DIRTcar Series Champion Decker, who finished a dismal 16th-place in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200.
Exiting NAPA Super DIRT Week, Decker was behind Sheppard by 46 points, but the Unadilla, NY driver wasn't going down without a fight. The following week at Brockville Ontario Speedway, Decker made a late-race pass en route to his fourth victory of the 2017 season, closing the points gap to just 30 points as the Series enters the final weekend of competition at the World Finals in North Carolina.
A 30-point gap could be as little as a couple positions on the the track. With three nights of competition at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the battle between the pair is sure to be fierce.
As the stars of the Super DIRTcar Series set to close out another spectacular season, all eyes are on the prize. Will Matt Sheppard take home his third consecutive and sixth overall championship, or will Billy Decker pick up his fourth Super DIRTcar Series title?

Super DIRTcar Series Point Standings as of Oct. 14
1. Matt Sheppard 3,492
2. Billy Decker 3,462
3. Larry Wight     3,299
4. Jimmy Phelps 3,188
5. Brett Hearn     3,176
6. Pat Ward     3,151
7. Max McLaughlin 3,011
8. Tim Fuller     2,993
9. Peter Britten 2,984
10. Keith Flach 2,650








































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